Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Meet a team member - Hanna from Hannah Alohan Interior

 Handmade pillow covers, throw pillows and decorative cushions.

 Being a fashion-designer, I have been into design and sewing for many years. I have earlier on worked with design of rain wear for children in a Swedish company. I always knew I wanted to start on my own some day, and when back from 2 years living and working as a design-engineer in Nigeria, there was finally a chance for me to start something. By then we had just moved into our house in Norway and I started developing a passion for interior.

Pillows can really make a statement in the room and adds a lot of style. I also felt that, if I should start making pillow-covers, I could have a reasonably high production-rate, and still be doing all the sewing myself. That's how pillow-covers became the choice for my business.

I love sewing and put my heart into every pillow-cover I make. I also enjoy the whole design-process. From buying beautiful fabrics, cutting, sewing, and taking photos to managing the shop and promoting it.

I look for trendy, stylish, good quality fabrics to use for my pillow-covers. My fabrics are from shops here in Norway, and in London. I always machine-wash a sample of all fabrics to ensure the quality.

Since I started this shop in late 2016, I am so satisfied with what I do and feel that I am in the right place, doing what I was called to do in life. I even love Mondays! I am so pleased for each satisfied customer and happy for the great feedback I got so far.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Meet a team member - Anita from Papir Klipp Kompaniet


Mother of 3 at day - paper cut artist at night.


I make paper cuts out of your pictures. Great for special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, christmas and baby gifts.
I just love creating things. 

That means I often try to make gifts myself. 

Everything started with a paper cut I made for my parents for their wedding anniversary. 

A lot of people liked it and asked if they could have one too.

Then someone suggested I should sell my paper cuts.

Here we are:

I do now sell them.

Hugs, Anita

Friday, 8 December 2017

Made In Norway and #tags

Screen shot of etsynorge Instagram

Made In Norway etsy team has a couple official # tags you can use to promote your handmade items on social media, and to find and connect with other Norway based etsy sellers.

 Here are other tags you can use: 

Handmade in Norway ( Creative group based in Oslo ) also has their own special tag: 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Photography tips by Ian Anderson

Tip by Ian Anderson

I bought a cheap set of daylight lamps and tripods off ebay years ago, and with 1200W of instant daylight they are great coupled with a light tent. I use to lighten backgrounds etc...
I can get this sort of shot without too much shadow...

Photography tips by Ellen W. Randerz

Tip by Ellen Linnea Wijgård Randerz

This is my photo «studio», made from an ironing board placed in front of my wardrobe I tape a piece of fabric or paper on the wardrobe door for backdrop. I use the natural light from my bedroom window, a reflector made from cardboard and aluminium foil helps to brighten the images and reduce shadows. I use a Nikon D7100 with a 60mm lens, I always use a tripod and the timer function to reduce motion blur ( image 2 shows the result of the pictured photoshoot)

Find the talented Ellen here:

Photography tips by Virginie Lykins

Here is a little peak into how I take photos for my ETSY shop.
Like most of us ETSY sellers living in Norway, I had the classic photo taking dilemma.

My photos were visibly affected by the Norwegian sun cycle, high and strong in the summer months, then low or not at all in the winter months.

Natural light is the best, so I tried taking photos near every window in the house. I settled for a living room window that did not have harsh direct sunlight, and found that around noon the light was at its best.

I tried different surfaces, and decided on using a spare IKEA shelf plate. My set up is pretty simple, and includes a cereal box, clothes pegs, some A3 white paper, and white hobby cards for bouncing the light.

One of the things I learned is that you cannot be impatient with a photo shoot, once you have found a set up that works for you – Stick with it ! And if one day the light is just not right, then postpone taking your photos. It’s not worth having to do it twice, and your customers deserve to see your products at their best.

Here you can see how my set up looks like on my living room table.

The A3 papers are held by clothes pegs on a cereal box, and I use a white 30x30cm hobby card to bounce off the light.

And here is the result.... photo is taken with a mobil phone, and is not enhanced, nor lightened.

You can find my etsy shop here:

Import of supplies tolls questions/answers

The questions of tolls on imported supplies has come up several times, so I wrote to the Tolls about it and here is their answer:

My mail:

".......We are a group of artist and artisans, who sell handmade items from Norway.

Most of our members sell their goods as either sole proprietors, or as a hobby. A question has come up several times on our forum regarding import tax for supplies ordered abroad. I contacted Skatteetaten and they told me this was a question for the tolls.

Question 1. Sometime a person will order supplies from abroad (for example beads) below the 350,- nok limit. Those supplies will be used to create an item that will later be sold, are we supposed to pay import vat ?

Question 2. Here is another scenario that happens often, an artisan buys supplies from abroad (for example beads, or knitting wool) this time the total value is above 350,. nok, but the package arrive without having gone through the tolls. What do we do now ? ....."

Answer from

Question 1.
No. If the shipment’s value including transport costs is less than NOK 350, the importer shall not pay any import duties or taxes.

Question 2.
If the importer recieves a shipment where the value is NOK 350 or above and no import duties or taxes have been charged, he / she must apply to Customs for a post-clearance. There is no application form, an e-mail (to with a short explanation and the necessary documentation as attachment is sufficient.

Kind regards

Information Division
t: +47 22 86 03 12 # 1
e: | i:

Customs region Oslo and Akershus
Customs and Trade Facilitation Department | Information Division
Tollbugata 1 A | Postboks 8122-Dep | N-0032 Oslo